Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Sorry, But the Motorcade'll Have to Go Around Me

On ageism:
I ride my bike up to the National to buy some tickets for upcoming shows.

There's no one in the box office, but a guy sticks his head out of the theater door and assures me that she'll be right with me.

He then makes a quantum leap assumption and asks if I'm there for Hornsby tickets.

Excuse me?

Uh, no (not that there's anything wrong with Bruce, but I've seen him. Twice.)

When I tell him which shows I am there to buy for, it's like the scales fall from his eyes.

"Wow, those are going to be amazing shows," he tells me, shaking my hand, introducing himself, asking my name, telling me he's production director and insisting I look him up next time I'm at a show.

Which I just might do, if only to give him crap about jumping to conclusions about ticket buyers and their musical taste. Yeesh.

On two compliments in ten minutes:

"You look beautiful tonight, not that you don't look great all the time."

Always nice to hear, even if the speaker is just blowing smoke, as he is known to do.

"You look amazing.. I usually see you in shorts and a t-shirt working out." (a neighbor)

Boy, this thrift store dress is really working for me tonight. Three bucks well spent.

On trying a new restaurant:

Beer Geek Friend and I checked out Bouchon in the Slip tonight and found lots to love about it.

The owner's wife was welcoming and chatty and the place had a nice crowd for a Thursday evening.

We were a bit bummed that they were out of their signature mussels (a lunch rush) and that they had no by-the-glass wine listing, but had to smile when we were on our second course before the food runner, not even our server, finally asked if we wanted more bread.

More? We hadn't had any yet.Yes, thanks, we'd love some.

My friend was highly amused when the server leaned clear across him to scoop up my plate on the far side of the table (maybe it was her proximity, but I think he liked it).

He also noted that after finishing his first glass of wine, he asked to taste the rose (which he declined after tasting it and requested another glass of the same), she went off on a reverie about how the rose was her absolute favorite and how she expected to like Spanish roses better, but this French one was so tasty that she just loved it.

It was completely random and unexpected, so Beer Geek felt he had to remind her that he still wanted another glass of the same, not the rose.

But at least now we knew her preferences.

As for the food, I was delighted with all my selections.

The veal sweetbreads were delicious, my tomato and avocado salad was exquisitely ripe and perfectly seasoned and the chocolate marquise was surrounded by a top and bottom layer of meringue, a sweet, crunchy treat I love but rarely see on dessert menus.

I'm already planning to bring other friends to Bouchon to taste even more French goodness.

On to the weekend!

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