Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poking Fun at the Economy

What do you do if you no longer have your engineering job, but do have a sub-prime mortgage, your 401K is in shreds and you fear for the future of the world economy? If you're Rick Huddle, you create a comedy/commentary routine that uses the ukulele, a slide show, music and lots of humor to make sense of this mess we're in.

Rick's performance of "Spent: Collusion and Prosperity in the World Economy" at Art6 tonight was a wild comedic ride explaining the Great Depression, the credit crunch, deregulation and CEO bonuses in music, stories and assorted foreign accents. His breakdown of the creation of the World Trade Organization was masterfully hysterical; why does everything always come down to American arrogance? Don't answer that.

Rick is traveling the country performing his smart comedy for those seeking a better understanding of today's economic crisis as well as for those who understand it fine, but need to laugh about it so they don't cry. Tonight's audience wasn't nearly as big as it should have been given the talent and creativity on display, but with any luck, he'll be back in rva again and more people will know not to miss his performance. I guarantee you'll laugh out loud and you might even walk away a tad better informed.

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