Monday, August 10, 2009

Things Heated Up Nicely

Yesterday was so incredibly hot, especially in a second-floor apartment with no air conditioning. A thoughtful friend came over with a bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc (Palo Alto Reserve from Chile) which we drank under the fan before heading out to the air-conditioned comfort of Verbena, a place neither of us had visited in over a year.

We had hoped to eat upstairs but that plan was thwarted when we were informed that the upstairs air conditioning was not working...which meant that even the downstairs was warmer than it should have been. Not ungodly warm like my apartment, but we were two booths from the kitchen and my bare legs were stuck to the booth with sweat in no time at all.

I continued the Sauvignon Blanc theme, jumping continents to South Africa and friend enjoyed Albarino ("hay and honeysuckle," mmm) but the heat tempered our appetites, so we kept it to appetizers: clams with andouille sausage and crab cakes. The chocolate pate was softer than most, but given the heat, not surprisingly, and really quite lovely.

One of the waitresses, whom I'd known for years but whose personal life had intersected with my past, chose not to say hello, displaying awkward avoidance (guilt? embarrassment?). Funny, she should have no reason not to speak to me; instead, she just looked hot and uncomfortable working that floor.

But then, it's August, so it's supposed to be hot; that's what summer in the south is all about, right?

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