Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fabulous Female Friday

My neighbor Liza and I have most of our conversations over dog-walking, since we both spend an inordinate amount of time exercising our devoted four-legged friends. We finally made the time to meet for lunch yesterday at Bistro 27 and took the extended time together to get to know each other better. I may have found a soul mate: Liza also refuses to carry a cell phone. That alone yielded 15 minutes of empathetic conversation. Who knew there was another such oddball in all of Richmond, much less practically across the street? We had a delicious lunch, as I always do there, with the added thrill of Dave the waiter (and my go-to music person there) serenading me with "Stop Playing Games with my Heart" as he led me to Liza.

Last night I was invited over the river to an all-female party of VCU theater grad students, professors and advisor types for eating, drinking and being merry. As the only non-drama type there, it was a good thing I'm an extrovert and can hold my own since this raucous group rolls high speed through an ever-changing conversational well. The hostess, my wonderful friend Glynn, is the ringleader and hostess extraordinaire and between her laugh-out-loud storytelling abilities and group leader tactics when it comes to generating probing topics, made this wine-soaked evening a blast.

Upon returning to the Ward, I found, not surprisingly, that the streets were crawling with people. It's Best Friends Day weekend after all, so you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a hipster or wanna be. The dog and I enjoyed plenty of random exchanges with untold groups as we traversed J-Ward. When I left the house this morning, I found 3 PBR cans in various states of emptiness adorning the curb in front of my house. I expect by Monday morning, there won't be a PBR left in a convenience store within 3 miles of here. I love this town.

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