Monday, August 24, 2009

Back Porch Rain Reverie

I arrived home late last night just about the time the rain was shifting from a gentle patter to a pounding downpour.

While I probably should have gone straight to bed, instead I poured a glass of the 2006 Cardinal Point Cab Franc Reserve, a gold medal winner at this year's Governor's Cup and absolutely yummy.

Step two was planting myself in the rocking chair on my back porch to enjoy the weather.

I think I like porch-sitting in the rain for the same reason I like umbrella-walking in the rain.

Being in the dry center of all that wetness is somehow pleasurable and reassuring.

I guess that's how I spent over an hour happily lost inside my own head, occasionally being splattered by raindrops and watching the lightening show.

After an hour plus out there, the rain slackened and I reluctantly decided I should hit the sack.

It was, after all, 3:30 and although I'd have waited up for the sunrise at that point if I'd not been alone, my bed was starting to call to me.

I have to admit, though, my life may not be perfect, but sometimes it feels damn fine.

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