Monday, August 31, 2009

On the Way Home

I went to Ipanema tonight for their monthly live music show and was treated to the incredibly beautiful music of Low Branches, a Roanoke trio.

Their sound consisted of a violin, a guitar or two (depending on the song), the occasional drum and xylophone and an exquisitely sweet female voice.

The crowd was one of the largest I've seen for these events and, with the exception of the drunk girls in the back, attentive and clearly impressed.

After the show, four of us sat outside for some intense discussion of politics, feminism, the Second amendment, deficit spending and changing gender roles.

It was the kind of conversation where everyone had important points to make and everyone else tolerated the opposing viewpoints.

Oh, and there was some fascinating talk about the music and Fan scenes pre-1990, so I heard a lot of great stories about local musicians and characters.

Did I know there used to be an Arby's where the Red Light Inn was?

I did not.

I took my friend home afterwards (she was car-less) and driving back towards the Ward through the Fan, I was all but alone on the streets

The cooler night air makes me think summer may be winding down...just a bit.

I hate to see it go.

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