Thursday, August 13, 2009

Never Too Old to Get Bent

We have a new yoga studio at 312 Brook Road in Jackson Ward called Like Water. What's with the name? As far as I can figure, it probably has something to do with the way my body was reduced to a mass of malleable sweat half way into the class. Not lady-like perspiration, but streaming sweat that made the yoga mat slick and my stick-straight hair start to curl.

A friend had recommended the place; yesterday two other friends were gong to their first class there and persuaded me to join them. Never mind that they were twenty-somethings with far more flexible bodies. Once I got in that uncooled studio and start pretzeling my body, it surprised me what configurations I was able to take on.

As for the mental benefits, between keeping up and sweating buckets, let's just say my mind was clear of any distractions. I left feeling like I had a done a good thing for my body and head (and, as a bonus, supported a local business). Classes are offered at various levels, they're only five bucks and you don't pre-register, you just show up, so it couldn't be easier...or cheaper.

I'm the least coordinated person in Richmond and if I could do yoga, there's not a soul alive who couldn't. You never know when all this new-found flexibility is going to come in handy, either.

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