Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Summer of Trouble Night

Who wasn't hoping that yesterday's thunderstorms would produce buckets of rain for hours on end? Instead, it cooled down and got breezy for about half an hour and then that was that.

Even so, it was enough of an improvement in the temperature for me to decide to walk over to 821 for my weekly plate of nachos (I even get them for brunch, to the disgust of one of my brunching pals) and random conversation ("Do you know a city in Arkansas that starts with O?" and "What's the problem with booty shorts?"). It's gotten to the point where I don't even need to order; the wait staff just presumes nachos when they see me. Walking back, Monroe Park was overrun with students and the freshmen weren't hard to spot; they were the only ones carrying umbrellas. So cute. They'll learn soon enough.

Next up was music at Gallery 5: The Naked Light/Tallest Trees present Captain Safety and the Summer of Trouble, A Psychedelic Pop Variety Show (with locals the Great White Jenkins and Liza Kate). I have to say I was loving Tallest Trees' psychedelic poppiness; they had three keyboardists, a drummer and multiple vocalists. My only complaint was that their set was too short. When they finished, the all switched instruments (something for which I'm a sucker) and transformed themselves into The Naked Light, a band with 2 guitarists, a bass player, and a drummer. Except sometimes one of them would put down their instrument and play a keyboard or a trumpet. This Nashville foursome were really good, although not quite as much to my taste as Tallest Trees, but definitely worth seeing.

Leaving the show, it appeared that a few more raindrops had fallen and the temperature was up again. The perfect excuse to knock on a friend's door on the walk home, enjoy some wine and tell them what a great show they missed.

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