Friday, January 29, 2010

Prabir Tells Me How to Do It/Part Deux

The whole town has already resigned itself to the inevitable; we're going to get another big snow and all the weekend's activities are going to be cancelled/postponed and there's nothing we can do about it...except have a rollicking good Thursday night as a precautionary measure.

Still craving Italian, my friend and I started at Edo's for dinner and arrived to a mob scene.

I used my superior bar skills to score bar stools before anyone else in the place even realized the occupants were abandoning them.

Dinner was a spicy oyster stew and then roasted red pepper and mozzarella for me; my friend had the stew and then calamari.

The bartender is a friend of hers, so we had an intimate discussion of tabloids, the uses of the History Channel and why a guy would ask a female friend to pimp for him.

Our next stop was Six Burner for music, but my friend was still hungry so we enjoyed even more food: crispy duck confit (to die for), risotto balls and a red velvet cupcake.

Before long, my friend Andrew showed up, followed by the masses for Prabir and the Goldrush's show and there was no looking back.

People continued to arrive non-stop until the owner had to do door duty and turn people away.

The temperature inside the restaurant climbed to summertime levels, the bartender stripped to a t-shirt (nice look, Josh) and eventually the air conditioning had to be turned on, despite it being barely above freezing outside.

Seriously, when I think it's warm, it's warm.

As usual, Prabir's show was great musical fun, including original material, of course the Beatles and ending with a robust sing-along version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

I couldn't believe how many in the audience knew every single word (I don't and I'd prefer Bohemian Like You any day, but it was an inspired choice, nonetheless).

And, let me tell you, they were into it, many of them singing at the top of their lungs to a song older than they were.

Laugh-out-loud-hilarious. If you haven't seen this trio tear it up, you should make a point to check them out.

Fortunately, Prabir and I had caught up before he took the stage so I could get the rest of his Grand Plan.

It seems that after steps one through six here, there is more for the lovelorn to attend to, namely:

7. Amend list to include late adds
8. Try out the late additions
9. Eliminate the unsuitable ones
10. Introduce a close, but platonic, friend to the late add who most impresses you.

And voila!

You have arrived at a new love who is acceptable to a trusted friend, who can also secure pertinent information for you from said new love.

I'm on it.

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