Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Romance, Grace Street Style

Sex and romance must have been in the air on Grace Street this morning, judging by the sights and sounds I encountered on my walk.

Grace Street Still Life: A long-stem red rose next to a Bud Light tall boy with the bag pushed down.

Maybe the two things were a thoughtful gift and by the time she finished the beer she forgot all about the rose.

Or maybe he was drinking to get up his nerve to present the rose to her and never quite worked it up.


Sing Me a Song: A guy walking towards me singing "Me and Mrs. Jones" at the top of his lungs and in fine voice, I might add.

When he reached me, he threw his arms out dramatically and circled me, singing full-on.

I stopped long enough to be the recipient of a chorus and then clapped and moved on.

A Lesson in the Important Stuff: The window of Exile had a must-read book on display, A Study of Group Sex in Wife Swapping: Sex groups, Free Love, Voyeurs, Exhibitionists, Discipline, Homosexuals, Lesbians.

The subhead keeps going, but I think you get the idea.

Judging by the original price of the book (95 cents) I'm guessing it's a self-help gem from the 60s.

Looking for a bedside reference? Now you know where to find it.

Okay, it wasn't as good as morning sex, but it all had its charm, nonetheless.

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  1. no wonder you are the noted blogster baby.