Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey, Pink Legs!

I haven't been doing my daily walks for the past ten days because of being sick, so I haven't had the pleasure of my Grace Street regulars to say inappropriate and hysterical things to me.

But with January spring fever hitting RVA today, it was time to take to the streets and see what people had to say.

Well, and get on with my life.

Before I even got started, a musician friend began it all by messaging to ask if that had been me he'd seen walking at Marshall and Jefferson this morning.

Nope, not me, so I chided him for not recognizing me by now, considering how frequently we see each other (we do live in the same neighborhood, after all).

He pleaded the early hour, his hangover, and the need for new glasses.

In an attempt to redeem himself, though, he promised me the rest of his Love Plan at his show Thursday, so I'll update you once I get steps 7-10; Prabir is an expert, you know.

Walking over to Carver to claim my car (yet again) I got a vehicle full of guys hooting at me, ending with, "Hey, Pink Legs, we love you!"

I'm guessing the hot fuchsia tights were the catalyst for that.

It's not like I haven't worn them plenty lately, but you can see a lot more of them in a jean skirt and hoodie than you can in a winter coat.

Hell, considering how many people I saw in shorts and flip-flops today, I was still overdressed for the weather and the overt spring fever in the air.

A random guy standing outside the garage said hello as I walked up and asked me if I was coming to get my car.

When I confirmed that I was, he said, "They should give you a discount just for showing up in those," gesturing at my tights.

While I agree, no discount was offered, but at least the car is functional again.

And finally, at Supercuts, the very charming guy who always trims my hair told me how fine my tights were, "I only wish I could wear something like that."

It was quite possibly the best comment of the day.


  1. Putting fuchsia tights on those gams is like guilding a lily.

  2. Flattery will get you everywhere.