Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'll Take It All

I walked outside a while ago to get some mix tapes out of my basement (it's not an ideal set-up, but I do love having a full basement) and was hit full in the face with a blast of a warm air like I had not expected.

It was 56 degrees when I walked back from Carytown around 4 and it was 63 when I went to retrieve my vintage music gems this evening.

Since there are not many late January evenings that feel this wonderful, I couldn't resist interrupting my e-mail volleying with a fellow music and language lover and taking the beagle for a long walk through the Ward.

I wasn't the least bit surprised to discover other weather-appreciative neighbors parked on their porches, taking in this wet and warm winter weather.

One was smoking a cigar, another few were ending their weekend with some Sunday beer and still others had their front windows open to allow the music inside to be heard on their porch.

Toward the end of our stroll, it started raining lightly, but in that atmospheric rather than cold, unpleasant way and neither of us minded a bit.

I took a hint from the neighbors and immediately opened my bedroom windows a bit when we returned so that I can smell the January warmth and maybe even hear the rain on the porch roof once I go to bed.

The low tonight is only supposed to be 57!

 An unexpected treat like this is to be appreciated and I'm happy to do so.

Maybe things are looking up all around.


  1. how is that volleying going?

  2. It's been so long since I did this kind of volleying that I may be a bit rusty, but I will say a lot of them are ending up in my saved mail file. We've got a lot to volley.