Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can Can Conundrum

I have to eat breakfast when I wake up (okay, after I walk the dog, but immediately after I walk the dog).

I'm just made that way; after a night's sleep, my body is screaming for food.

I need first-thing-in-the-morning eats like most people need coffee to be functional.

So when a friend wants to meet for brunch, I am always eating lunch rather than breakfast. In today's case, that meant a 9:45 breakfast and an 11:30 brunch.

Said brunch took place at Can Can, which was mobbed, but we found two bar stools free mid-bar and sandwiched ourselves shoulder to shoulder with other eager eaters.

The girl to my right got her food just as I was trying to decide what to order and the smell was too wonderful for words.

She'd gotten the Ham and Gruyere Crepes with hollandaise sauce with little crisps of bacon sprinkled liberally over the plate and highly recommended them.

I had been considering the cheeseburger or Monte Cristo, but eventually played copy-cat and got those crepes.

Given the portion size, she'd been unable to finish hers, a problem I didn't have, despite being barely two hours from my last meal.

They were that good.

Meanwhile my friend had his usual Eggs Benedict since he is particularly fond of Can Can's version.

I was already finished and dreaming of dessert by this time, so I ordered up a cup of their superb hot chocolate and made short work of it.

I should have been ready to explode, but instead I just used the opportunity to allow my friend to finish up while I talked to the nearby.

I was obligated to thank the girl next door for turning me on to the crepes (she also suggested that next time I try the blueberry pancakes) considering how much I'd enjoyed them.

The guy on the other side of my friend and I our shared a fatalistic take on life.

Nothing we do is going to change our eventual outcome; when it's your time to go, you're going to go.

End of story.

He complimented my burgundy rose-patterned lace tights, saying he was sure he's seen me in them somewhere before.

I've been somewhere, so that's entirely possible.

Who would have guessed that Target tights could be so memorable?

But then, who would have guessed that so many people could wait till noon for their first meal of the day?

Not me on both counts.


  1. I'm partial to eggs benedict at Can Can, too. BTW, your blog should definitely be listed on Please contact them to add you to the list.

  2. Thanks, pjpink, but I'm really just a frequent eater. The bloggers seem to possess a knowledge base I don't and since so many of my posts are not food related, I really don't belong over there.
    But I'm flattered that you suggested it.