Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cutting the (Ewe) Cheese

Fridays before I go out often find me at the wine tasting at River City Cellars in Carytown. Not always, but often enough to score some wine or cheese for future use. I'm seldom buying for any specific reason other than that I've found a new libation or piece of mold I fancy.

Which makes it a bit like Christmas when I need a bottle or snack before going out. Such was the case tonight as I sat on the couch, cozy under a quilt and reading my book Subterranean: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac, a really compelling study of his life-long struggles with his homo/bisexuality. But my attention was gradually being diverted from sex to something baser.

It was my stomach reminding me that my dinner plans don't start for hours and snackage was in order. Fortunately for me, a pre-Christmas visit to RCC had enticed me to buy half a pound of Ossau-Iraty, a raw ewe's milk cheese made from Northern Basque Country sheep (and an AOC) and all of a sudden, it was calling to me.

What a genius I must have been, although I know now that I should have bought at least a pound of this rich, dense, nutty and buttery cheese (50% fat!). As I sit here finishing up the quarter pound I allowed myself for snack time, I seem to recall being told that the nickname for this cheese was the "farmer's dessert," but it's actually richer than most of the desserts I can think of. Crackers or bread not required.

Which means I just ate a quarter pound of dessert and I'm going out to dinner in two hours. Of course, the old axiom, "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first" gives me the perfect justification for my Ossau-Iraty orgy. Note to self, though: get over to RCC and re-stock. Soon.

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