Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts

When a recently rediscovered friend announces to the world that my devastating combination of wit and charm will render him helpless, I can't help but wonder when he was rendered.

His response?

"About 17 years ago."

That's the kind of answer that puts a smile on my face and does an ego good.

Why is it some guys don't like to compliment?

Beats me, but I'll ponder on that when I get up later.

For now, back to bed and sweet dreaming.

Did I mention his ace in the hole?

He also knows how to cast a musical spell.



  1. Sounds suspiciously like someone I know...

  2. Ah, but you know so many people...

    You gotta admit, though, it was an awesome thing to hear.

    And you, of all people, know I'm a sucker for musical compatability, not to mention heartfelt compliments.