Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Talking to Me?

It was an especially great day for random comments, good and odd, directed my way. Maybe it's time to change the sign on my forehead...or something.

"I should have known you'd be here. Are you in the Mekong Beer Club?"
-A local boutique owner on finding me at the bar with a laid off girlfriend wining and dining at Six Burner tonight. And the connection is...?

"You know you love it when that happens. Just like I love it when I open my mouth and surprise people."
- A friend who waited out a long-winded conversation to regain my attention. Yes and thanks for harshing my mellow.

"Every minute of every hour I spent on this project my heart ached for you. Every minute. Of every hour."
-An ex (from the 90s!) on transferring VHS tapes to DVD. Oh, come on.

"You're sure to be a twitter hit if you dare to go there."
-A friend and fellow music geek. Aw, shucks.

"It was your witty repartee that made it worth coming in."
-Customer leaving a coffee shop about our conversation. My kind of compliment.

"The thing about living in DC was, sometimes I couldn't remember where my house was. Did that ever happen to you ? "
-Local street legend Richard on the subject of living in Washington, my former hometown. Can't say that it did, Richard.

And so it goes...

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