Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carytown Cupcakes in the Sunshine

Let's face it, with the temperature hovering at a balmy 46 degrees this afternoon, it might as well be Spring after the tundra-like weather of the past few weeks.

And that was as good an excuse as any to hit sunny Carytown and take care of some business, namely cards and Carytown Cupcakes.

You can challenge me on this, but there's no better place to buy a card in rva than Mongrel.

If you prefer the pablum of Hallmark, that's your business, but when I need to translate my feelings into the snarky card format, Mongrel is where I have the most choices to do so.

I'd have to get busy awfully quickly to need any Valentine's Day cards, so I bypassed the entire front of the store for the year-round sentiments in the back and scored a couple of appropriately sarcastic ones.

After the arduous card procurement process, I strolled around the corner reveling in the sunshine to Carytown Cupcakes.

This little pink store carries six regular varieties of cupcakes and two weekly specials so it came down to choosing at least one of each.

From the regular offerings, of course I had to get the chocolate/chocolate with sprinkles but I couldn't resist the Red Velvet because it was undoubtedly the prettiest of everything in the case.

From the specials, I got the Peanut Butter/Reese's Pieces extravaganza.

They do have a couch and table, sort of a cupcake lounge, at which two girls were giggling and eating their cupcakes, but I opted to take mine back out into the sunshine.

Facing the sun, I tore into my treats.

The chocolate was very chocolaty, but a little dry, with the kind of old-school chocolate icing my mom taught me to make when I was 10.

The Red Velvet was magnificent, cake and icing alike, both of which oozed a rich butteriness.

I had to stop there, so I can't yet give a report on the peanut butter/Reese's specimen.

When I come down off my sugar buzz, I'll reopen the little white box and let you know.

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