Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Lu-Lu of a Bar Discussion

Who: Customer and bartender

What : Uncomfortably loud and angry conversation over the bar as bar sitters glanced around nervously and pretended not to pay attention.

When: Tonight around 10

Where: Lulu's

Why: So the customer came in, sat down on the other side of my friend and and started giving crap loudly to Bartender A for something that Bartender A said he didn't say.

There were high volume accusations of embellishment and denial.

Customer finally ordered a drink but insisted that Bartender B serve him just as Bartender A sets the drink down in front of him.

Bartender A scoops up the drink from in front of customer and takes it away, with a loud "Fuck you!" as he goes.

Customer lingers awkwardly and finally exits.

Tension ends; crowd breaks into smiles and eagerly discusses amongst ourselves.

The meat loaf and garlic mashed potatoes with broccolini were really quite tasty.

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