Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whose Legs Are Those Anyhow?

I understand that we don't see ourselves as others do. \\

Intellectually, I get that a two-dimensional image in a mirror bears limited resemblance to a three-dimensional image in space.

And yet my reaction when I saw the results of my recent profile shoot with my very talented photographer friend, Thomas was, do I know those legs?

I am especially familiar with this syndrome because of all the years I worked as an audio and video producer.

Inevitably, people would react with horror when they first heard/saw their voice/self recorded; part of my job was to reassure them.

So I should have known better.

I looked at the photo he sent me with limited recognition.

Oh, sure, the Berlin tights are mine; who else would wear them?

But those calves?

I had no idea.

And that vague hint of athleticism which I know for a fact doesn't exist in real life?

Not really there.

Seems I need an entire mental adjustment about what I'm walking around on.

I do think it's a great picture (and if you want to ogle more of his awesome artistry, go to:

I'll just have to deal with my acceptance issues.

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  1. Newbs!Screw the legs, show me them pearly's! Love you!