Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Few, The Brave at Avenue 805

The last time I had dinner at Avenue 805 was the night after the last big snowstorm in March. The same friend had chosen the same restaurant for that night out, too. I suggested he call first tonight to make sure they were open or, at the very least, alert them that we were coming.

It ended up being more of an alert, because they were open, but really just because they knew we were coming. There were probably a half dozen patrons tonight, but many of the regulars were at the Pope's party, so that eliminated much of the hyper-local walking trade. And, oh my, you should have seen some of the creative parking going on along Monument Avenue for the party!

But nothing was going to stop B.S.F. and I from eating and drinking for several hours while the snow continued to fall outside. We drank a bottle of the Post House Bluish Black, a South African blend containing Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and one of my all-time favorite grapes, Pinotage (for its earthy qualities as well as fond memories).

I had a bowl of the white bean/bacon/sun-dried tomato soup, which was broth based and a good start to warming up after the trip over. Next up, I ordered the mussels in white sauce with a magnificent hunk of oiled foccacia while my friend enjoyed the Duck Ragout. We finished by sharing the chocolate mousse.

The owners hadn't been home since Thursday night because of the weather, so we didn't order more wine. Three and a half hours was probably more of their time than we should have taken, but, as is usually the case with a bar snow crowd, everyone was affable and enjoying the snowed- in mentality, so we lingered until about 10. By then, all the snow-shoveling my friend had done today had left him plumb tuckered out. That or he was still tired from last night's shenanigans, so we soldiered on and out into the dark wetness, well fed and wined.

We were guessing that tonight's small crowd (Republic looked fairly slow, too) means the masses will be in full cabin-fever mode by tomorrow morning and brunches all over town will be swarming with escapees.

Hell, I got out tonight and I'll be right out there tomorrow with the fray, brunching away. How better to enjoy a good snow weekend?

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