Sunday, December 20, 2009

My "Beautiful" Brunch at Ipanema

Judging by the number of people whose Facebook status said "has cabin fever" this morning, combined with the sunny day, I'm willing to bet that Ipanema wasn't the only restaurant doing a brisk brunch business today. Personally, I never got close to cabin fever status but then I've been out a lot this snowy weekend.

It was my first time doing brunch at Ipanema, although it certainly will not be my last. I got the Frittata made with Gouda, caramelized onions, thyme and tomato with a side of sweet potato hash. So, yes, Andrew, it's the Grilled Gouda sandwich with eggs instead of bread and it sure was delicious, especially with a big mimosa to wash it down. For dessert, I had the almond cake with both light and dark chocolate frosting (I have no qualms about ending brunch with dessert).

Brunch was made even better by finding today's New York Times available on the bar. My Washington Post didn't get delivered today, but I checked Kroger and a 7-11 and neither of them received their Posts either, so it wasn't just me. It's still a loss for me since it's part of my Sunday ritual, as much as I have rituals these days.

But the highlight of brunch was the bartender who continuously referred to me, not by name, but by Beautiful, as in, "Need anything, Beautiful?" and "How're you doing over there, Beautiful?" Liz, if you keep that up, I'll end up dreaming about you again.


  1. but you ARE beautiful:) maybe i'll follow you to garnett's again soon. ha! xo

  2. People will talk. Please do. xxo