Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Bit Spotty at Six Burner

My head has been in turmoil lately and it's manifested itself with a lovely teenage-like break-out or, as my Scottish friend would say, "A bit spotty, aren't we?" Well, yes, as a matter of fact I am (of course, as another friend pointed out, it could just be the absence of a sex life). I figured it would help to share what's been on my mind and solicit an opinion from a good friend and expert in the "WTF?" school of life.

So while a good portion of RVA was apparently staying warm and dry at home, we met up at Six Burner to clear up my face. I'd warned her that my emotional state had both great and tragic roots, a statement to which she concurred after hearing it all. Given the circumstances, it was fortuitous that it was half-priced wine night (French Malbec, that's all you need to know).

We shared the black plums, arugula, goat cheese, candied spicy cashews with balsamic vinaigrette salad and were treated to not baby arugula, but big, bold, peppery leaves that asserted their flavor beautifully, but not delicately. Then, too, I could have eaten a bowl of those sweet and spicy cashews if they'd been offered to me.

What balances the healthiness of greens and fruit but house made charcuterie? We had salami toscano and gentile, prosciutto and lardo. Sliced thinly, but with that wonderful combination of fat and salt that caused us to swoon with every bite, we reveled in our meat treat. As my saga unfolded, I was gratified to hear that my take on things wasn't skewed at all and while it probably won't clear up my skin anytime soon, I now at least feel like I've released some of the tension I was feeling by having an empathetic ear.

The final necessary piece of the puzzle tonight was the red velvet cupcake with hazelnut and chocolate sauce. Tonight's version was particularly statuesque due to the cupcake being a bit shorter than usual; as a result, mine was actually two cupcakes, each split in two for four layers of red velvetness.

I could almost feel my equilibrium being restored after sharing such good victuals and conversation with the Queen of WTF? What happens with my face remains to be seen.

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