Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Whined Leading to More Wine at The Belvidere

I went out tonight for selfish reasons and ended up doing a favor for wine drinkers who frequent the Belvidere at Broad. My neighborhood joint was mostly full when I arrived a bit after 8, but I conveniently found myself seated next to a man with extensive wine knowledge (he works as a server at a certain Shockoe Slip eatery) and we immediately slipped into a wine chat while considering the list. When the owner asked if I wanted my usual, I politely balked.

The B @ B is already known for its extensive rotating beer list, but they have had the same by-the-glass list since opening. I just wasn't in the mood for the same old thing tonight and the owner was kind enough to suggest I pick a wine off the bottle list and she'd pour it by the glass for me. Thus, the serendipity of being seated next to a guy who knew his wine inside and out and was delighted to peruse the list with me until we mutually decided that the Michele Chiarlo "Le Orme" Barbera D'Asti was what I wanted opened.

The wine was wonderful, velvety and elegant. Not long afterwards, a local (defined as living within a five-block radius of the place) came in and was greeted with, "HI, Larry! I have something new for you to try!" Which would have been fine, except that Larry was a beer drinker. I have never been greeted with that enthusiastic statement, despite multiple visits, which led to a discussion amongst the owners about the need for adding more, or at the very least, rotating wines to their by-the-glass list.

I teased the owner about her ability to offer new beers to regular customers constantly and she responded empathetically, saying, "You're right! For you, it's always, Hey there! Want more of the same old thing?"

After much discussion and further tasting, The Belvidere's wine list now includes two more selections by the glass: Jean-Luc Colombo Les Abeilles Cote du Rhone Rouge, an organic wine, and my new favorite, the Colores de Sol Malbec. Fear not, creatures of habit, the Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are still on the list, but they now have company and we regular wine drinkers are all the happier for it.

I had no business whining about the wine list but my mouth spoke before my brain could stop it. I'd feel more guilty about it except that I think I did a favor for wine sops in rva tonight. Feel free to thank me if you see me at the bar.

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