Sunday, December 13, 2009

All By Myself (Yet Again)

It's a good Sunday night in Richmond when two of my favorite events are happening and at staggered times so I can make it to both.

The starting point was the Firehouse Theater for Project Resolution and the monthly showing of local filmmakers' latest projects, followed by audience critique and discussion. One filmmaker showing was John Romeo, whom I'd met a couple of years ago, when he told me about his Internet show, Romeo Theater. His film tonight was "Salvage," a well-done look at one man's life as he recovers from the heartbreak of being dumped.

As a bonus, local film-making legend Lucas Krost was in the audience. His RVA 48-Hour Film fest offering, "Feels Like Drowning" was chosen to go to Cannes last year, so hearing his input on the various films shown was fascinating. And that's really the pleasure of P-Res; you never know what might be shown or who might show up.

Afterwards, I dropped my car at home and walked over to Gallery 5 for the Silent Music Revival. The film was "Menilmontant" from 1926 and the band was Fin Fang Foom from Chapel Hill. Their post-rock sound emphasized the violent and turbulent aspects of the film, whereas last year, locals Jonathan Vasser and the Speckled Bird had performed to the same film and their folky Americana sound had favored the sweeter and more touching elements of the movie.

And, really, that's the beauty of the Silent Music revival. The film is always a silent film gem, but it's the band's interpretation of an accompaniment that suggest the interpretation of it to the audience.

Walking home with another regular attendee, we agreed that the SMR is one of the best free monthly events going. He's been attending even longer than I have and that's saying something. We also noted the beginning traces of the major fog that is supposed to roll in tonight and linger into early morning; it made for a nice night for a stroll. The smell of wood-burning fires from
chimneys only made it better.

I also noted that tonight marked my third straight night of live music and everyone knows that makes me a very happy camper, all things considered.

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