Friday, December 4, 2009

For Want of A Husband

I paused before crossing Robinson Street this morning when a guy rode up on his bike to wait for the light with me. I recoghnized him because we've said good morning to each other plenty of times, so I smiled.

Him: Morning. Somebody told me that your husband works downtown at the Federal Courts Building.
Me: That's not true.
Him: But he said your husband works downtown.
Me: Who said that?
Him: I don't remember (I think he did and just didn't want to say), but he definitely told me that.
Me: He's mistaken.
Him: (indignantly) Well next time I see him, I'm going to tell him I talked to you personally and you said that's not true about your husband.

So there it is: two men who are virtually strangers to me are going to argue about which one knows me better.

Sigh. This is my life.


  1. i'm very positive you could have a husband if you really wanted one.

    i don't think he'd be the type to work at the federal courthouse tho!

  2. Yea, you're probably right about that! Not in teh market, though.

  3. just curious, what type would he be?

  4. this guy was trying to assertain whether you were married or not, you silly girl!It is wonderful to know that somethings do not change, including your naivete. Love ya to pieces!