Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Deer and The Hangover

I got invited to brunch and a movie today by neighbors who were worried sick that a person without a TV could not survive a snowy afternoon inside.

I didn't have the heart to tell them that I'd be just fine amusing myself otherwise, so I baked some cookies (Chocolate Chocolate Chip) to take as a return gesture and once again set off on foot through Jackson Ward.

Brunch was more breakfast for them and lunch for me, but the star of either meal was definitely the spicy deer sausage, served with an egg dish, assorted breads and mimosas.

My friend knows a guy who kills things on weekends and then brings them back to a talented friend who turns the carcasses into tasty things.

I'm a huge fan of spicy sausage of any kind and this deer version was absolutely delicious.

I might have made more of a meal of it than I needed to, but how often am I served deer sausage? My point exactly.

Afterwards, we settled in with hot chocolate, made from nothing more than grated dark chocolate, milk and a pinch of salt, to watch "The Hangover."

I'd heard from several friends that it was hysterical and while I certainly wouldn't go that far, it had some amusing moments and it wasn't like I had something else pressing to do.

My cookies were a big hit with my friends who polished off the entire dozen during the movie.

Plus I know they felt better having saved me from a lone snowy afternoon.

Returning to my TV-less apartment, I was greeted by the wonderful scent of fresh-baked cookies and a piney Christmas tree, followed by a beagle eager to go back out in the snow again.

How do I manage without a TV?

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