Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking the Amazing Legs for A Walk

I'd been meaning to meet up with my friend Scott since he got dumped back in January, but pneumonia intervened.

By the time I recovered from that, I'd been dumped, so clearly it was time for the two of us to meet up for lunch and commiserate.

That day came yesterday and the place was Bistro 27, so I didn't have to go far.

Carlos, the handsome and talented chef/owner asked me what was new and I mentioned the breakup; he said the ex had been in for lunch the day before.

Whew! Scott and I had considered meeting Monday and now I was glad we'd put it off until Tuesday.

We had a delicious meal and he told me his story and I shared mine.

Talking to Scott is always a pleasure; he and I share an enthusiasm for life and a consistently positive attitude so neither of us is ever likely to bring anyone down.

Afterwards, Scott's bacon, ham and cheddar frittata was so filling that he suggested a walk...and walk we did.

We went further downtown to look at the progress of the Performing Arts Center, we checked out the hole that will supposedly be the Century Tower and even inspected the crumbling John Marshall Hotel facade.

It's a shame to see nothing much happening on that grand building because it would be such an asset to the neighborhood.

Steel bands were in place in several places on the building, apparently to prevent any more of the limestone pieces from falling to the street.

Several satisfying hours later, we parted.

Upon returning home, Scott updated his status with, "Scott had a great afternoon with the most amazing legs in Richmond."

That's the kind of afternoon that does a girl's ego good.

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