Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brunch Takes Care of Stomach AND Legs

I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in months for brunch at Deluxe today.

We knew enough to arrive at 1130 (before the beautiful people show up) and grabbed two spots at the bar...which was hopping.

And, not surprisingly, once we saw how generous the bartender's pour on the mimosas was.

He might just as well have used a little red and yellow food coloring for all the orange juice he put in the mimosas.

This is a good place to drink mimosas we decided.

Friend enjoyed a big old omelet and I had a steak salad, so everyone was happy.

We discussed my recent relationship woes and his as well; he's just recently rid himself of a former quasi-girlfriend.

 His take on my new single status was in the form of an analogy.

Apparently, growing up his mom's blueberry pie was to die for.

If anyone ever declined a slice, his dad's response was always, "Fine, more for me."

When I asked if he saw any tragedy in my break-up, he invoked his Dad's blueberry pie response.

Alrighty, then.

Knowing my fondness for eye-catching tights, he did bring me a belated Christmas gift of two especially great pairs.

And while it may seem odd for a friend to buy me tights, he's certainly not the first.

It's almost the go-to gift when my friends think of me.

Since I always wear a skirt or dress, I can never really have too many pairs of great tights...or too much blueberry pie.

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  1. best tights i ever saw on a woman had a pattern of elvis presley faces

    note to self: look up def of "quasi", as in quasi-girlfriend (or quasimodo ha ha)