Friday, February 20, 2009

Lunch Talk

When I was among the employed, I generally brought and ate lunch at my desk every day.

Now and then I'd meet someone for lunch, usually to try a new place (Aurora, Papa Ningo, etc.).

Now that I am among the unemployed, I usually eat at home, but I broke bad twice this week for lunch out with friends.

Thursday was lunch at Kuba Kuba with a girlfriend I hadn't seen since before "the great sickness" (my pneumonia).

She knew about the layoff, but wanted the details of the other stuff going on in my life.

It was cathartic to open up and tell her all the crappy stuff that's been happening in my life lately...especially since I usually lead a charmed life.

My oh-so tasty lunch was mussels in a garlic/tasso ham broth with plenty of Cuban toast to soak up that brothy goodness.

One of the waiters, also a musician in Fight the Big Bull, gave us a flier about Friday night's performance in at the Robinson in Church Hill.

Today's lunch was with a guy friend at the new Gibson's at the National.

We used to work together, so he filled me in on the latest office gossip.

What I wanted to hear about was his new relationship, since it had come about since I'd last seen him.

What he wanted to know about was whether everything was okay with me and since it's not, I just alluded to things being a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Like my other friends, he was surprised that I would acknowledge any problems since I always wear my happy face.

That's been tough lately, though, so I didn't really open up.

Lunch was a steak salad with fried onions and little potatoes, which was too large but mostly quite good, although the blue cheese dressing was mediocre.

I should get out more, because I was actually surprised that both places were mobbed during lunch.

It worked out fine both days, though, because we could discuss life without anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to us.

And right now the last thing I need is anyone paying attention to me.

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