Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's My Week to Be Everyone's Sweetie

Did I miss something or isn't "sweetie" one of those terms you only use on people you know?

Actually, people you're really fond of?

Okay, maybe ancient waitresses at diners use it on everybody and their brother, but I have been called "sweetie" by strangers three times this week alone.

And another thing: isn't sweetie a term you use on people younger than you?

I don't think Dustin Hoffman called Mrs. Robinson "sweetie."

All three guys who said "sweetie" to me were younger than me.

You don't get to call a girl "sweetie" if she's got ten or more years on you?

Walking down Grace Street this morning, a guy comes out of his house, passes right in front of me going to his car and smiles and says, "Hey, sweetie!"

I could have pointed out that I'm not his sweetie, but I just smiled instead.

I didn't correct the first two guys who did it to me this week, so why start now?

Maybe the "sweetie" usage rule changed and I didn't get the memo.

Hey, sweetie, I'm talking to you!

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