Thursday, February 19, 2009

At Long Last: Birdlips!

The third time was the charm for me to finally see Charlottesville indie duo Birdlips (thank you, Les Enfants Terrible!).

I already had plans the night they played The Triple and the night they played Rumors was the night I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

All signs were go last night for a really terrific set at The Camel.

And they didn't disappoint.

Birdlips has a densely layered sound and Cliff and Lindsay's voices are the perfect accompaniment to each other.

Clearly, they have a real fondness for the 60s and their lyrics come across as both insightful and intimate.

The small crowd was definitely into the performance; it was a shame more people didn't make it out to hear these extraordinary musicians.

Once word gets around about how amazing Birdlips' sound is, I expect to be shoulder to shoulder with a full house at future shows.

Opening was a newcomer to RVA, singer-songwriter Ward Combs from San Diego.

His set was engaging, the kind of direct and sincere music that would appeal to Iron and Wine fans.

Being a big fan of the 60s, he, too, was as impressed with the band as I was.

And while I don't have any music credibility, Ward is a musician, so trust him and check out Birdlips for yourself.

You'll undoubtedly see me there.

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