Sunday, February 22, 2009

RVA Jazz Fest: A Treat for the Ears & Eyes

I am so lucky to live in Richmond where an event like last night's Jazz Fest at the Camel offered so much talent and music for a mere ten bucks.

Not only that, but we arrived around 745 and were able to score a couple of sets in the second row.

Only here does that kind of luck happen.

There were excellent sets from Glows in the Dark, Boots of Leather and Fight the Big Bull.

And even though I've seen all three groups perform before, they all continue to bring something new to every performance.

The crowd was a jazz-loving bunch and really into the musical meanderings of the performers.

Clearly this was a destination performance: the two guys seated next to me had driven in from Charlottesville for the show.

One highlight of the evening was watching a woman open a bathroom door to find Matt White, leader of FTBB, inside.

The look on her face made me laugh.

Now, he claimed the door didn't lock properly, but of course, he is a performer...

Although this was the first RVA Jazz Fest, we were told last night that it won't be the last.

I think it may be necessary to find a larger venue next year, though; we took up every available space in the Camel last night.

Here's to RVA's thriving jazz scene.

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