Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Girls and a Lawyer at Lemaire

The past week had been, shall we say, busy, intense and pretty much non-stop. Tonight's rendezvous with a girlfriend was intended to be easy and unhurried, a low-key chance to hear what had been going on with each other. I didn't have much to share, but I knew she did.

The battle plan was to meet at Lemaire early enough to take advantage of the Discovery wine specials (bottles for $10) and the appetizer deals (3 for $20), both until 7. However, meeting the queen of late, we barely slipped in under the wire.

Arriving safely before the rains arrived, we ordered the Rias Baixas Albarino for the trifling price of $10. Wednesdays are a steal of a deal at Lemaire, so need I add that we made sure we ordered a second bottle by 6:57?

With Restaurant Week madness going on downstairs at TJ's, we bypassed that nonsense and I ordered the mussels with Jim Kite ham in a garlic wine and cream broth and friend foolishly ordered the same (if we're getting three apps, shouldn't we pick different things?). We also got the hearts of Romaine salad to share pre-mussels.

My friend is a novice at mussel-eating, leaving much of the onion and ham broth in her bowl while I sopped up every bit of mine with the crusty bread.

Little did I know that she was also planning on ordering the Berkshire pork chop with black-eyed peas and mac & cheese, all of which was delicious but too much for me at that point.

We enjoyed a couple hours of catching up so I could hear all about her new fella and how excited about finding someone so suited to her she was. Around the time we concluded that discussion, we were joined by a trial attorney from Norfolk, looking for a beer and some conversation. Mark, the bartender, had the beer and god knows we had conversation to spare.

Coincidentally, the newcomer and I were born in the same obscure D.C. hospital and raised in adjoining counties (although a guy from his county would only date a girl from my county for one reason), went to the same university and graduated with degrees in the same field. It was very unlikely indeed.

The three of us covered a wide range of topics, including privatization of the ABC, motivation for career choices and high school reunions. It was as agreeable a three-way conversation as one could hope for. Eventually after-dinner drinks (go ahead, guess mine) ensued as well as dessert for the two of them.

Best line of the evening: "You mean you'll blog me and not have sex with me?"

Yes, yes I will do just that. Happens all the time.

But thank you for phrasing it in a colorful enough manner as to be blog-worthy. I can always appreciate a guy with a quick wit.

As my history has demonstrated.

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