Friday, October 29, 2010

Restaurant Week Summit

It was a simple little night without an extensive itinerary and with a mere two stops. It wasn't staying home so it won't be enough to impress my friend Andrew, but maybe he'll consider it a baby step in that direction.

I didn't even go out until 9ish and then it was to Garnett's to meet a friend for some end-of-the season Famega vino verde (perfectly appropriate given the weather and a distant Portuguese nod to today being Champagne Day) and restaurant talk. Okay, maybe some guy talk, too, but that's inevitable when we're together.

The real topic of the evening was power tripping. Let's just say this whole Restaurant Week debacle of who's allowed to participate and who isn't came up, with both of us landing squarely on the side of everyone who wants to participate being allowed to.

When I'd had brunch at Bonvenu Sunday and heard that they were going to be renegade participants in RW, I thought it was a great idea, but hadn't blogged it for fear that undue attention might bring some sort of reprisal for them. I could never have imagined that a "cease and desist" letter might be the result of their good intentions.

We decided that the best thing that could come out of this unfortunate series of events would be a change in how Richmond handles RW. I have no doubt that the Central Virginia Food Bank would subscribe to the theory of "the more, the merrier." And we do so want to be merry about our charitable eating, don't we? Shouldn't we?

Once we had decided that important matter, we were free to go to Ballliceaux for an evening of stellar music by local favorites, Amazing Ghost. Well, us and a hundred or so other people eager to dance, sway and head-bop. And, as usual, with lots of local musicians in the audience.

What is it about this time of year that brings out the creative energy in musicians? That's a rhetorical question, more a statement of fact, but so true.

Amazing Ghost's performance was spot-on, melding original work and covers in one seamless set. As a music geek friend said, leaning in mid-transition, "I love how well they planned this set."

Was he referring to the "Born in the USA" cover? Or the "Halloween" theme conclusion? For that matter, it could have been trumpeter/keyboard player Bob Miller's impressive suited ensemble, complete with chin-length blond wig and rose-colored shades.

I totally get that; I have a tendency to see the world through rose-colored contacts myself.

Evidence to the contrary, I just can't seem to help it.

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