Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The RVA Landscape

I'm a big fan of the Virginia Center for Architecture, a.k..a. The Branch House, on Monument Avenue at Davis. I

've seen every exhibit they've mounted and frequently attend the lectures and talks they put on.

It doesn't hurt that the audiences for these events tend to be predominately male.

Not that I'm anywhere close to ready to date, but there's an outside chance that that might potentially change.



Okay, highly doubtful.

So, at tonight's lecture, "The Richmond Landscape," I was surprised to see a very different demographic.

There was an entire VCU class, mostly female, and quite a few couples, which I can totally appreciate, shared interests and all that good stuff.

Still, it wasn't the usual lecture landscape.

The slide lecture itself was really quite interesting because of the wonderful historic images we got to see.

There were old city plot maps, diagrams of the layers of sedimentary rock in RVA, downtown Main Street looking like something out of the wild, wild west.

And the urban core of Richmond, then and now, is exactly what you would expect: Powhite to Fulton Bottom, Cary to Broad.

But enough of that demographic geekiness.

It's time for some music.


  1. Did you get a copy of Tyler's book, too?

  2. Did you see my post "A Walking Tour of the Boulevard"? It began at Black Swan Books, allwoing us to support a local author and a local bookstore by buying our books there first.