Monday, November 9, 2009

Live at Ipanema

I hadn't been out to hear live music in over a week. Appalling, I know.

By choice, that's just not the way my world works.

So after a whirlwind weekend away, the Live at Ipanema show last night presented the ideal way to get my music fix and catch up with people.

True, I didn't intend to close the place down, but F.R.O. and I got started and just kept talking (except for during the show, of course).

Assorted people joined us for a while and then moved on, so we had plenty of fresh input throughout, always a good thing.

Nick Coward and the Last Battle were playing (and being recorded) and I love the fullness of their sound: strings, horns, guitar, drums, multiple voices.

The surprise was that they all were even able to fit into that tiny little space.

Last time I saw them, they took up most of Gallery 5's stage, a considerably larger area to put so many musicians.

Their set had been short then, so I didn't want to miss an opportunity to hear them again.

The place was quite full and not everybody shut up, but the music was really well-done and the performance will be posted on RVA News in a couple of weeks if you missed it or need to revisit it.

Luckily, I planned this week to be much heavier on live music than last.

And I purposely plan every week to be heavy on conversation, preferably with those who enjoy verbal discourse as much as I do.


  1. Hey there. Really like what I've read of your blog so far. Screw every one who says Richmond has little to offer. This band was a great example of that.


  2. That's exactly how I feel every time someone complains that there's not enough to do here. I always manage to find plenty worth checking out.

    I love hearing that you're liking my blog, so I hope you'll keep reading (and commenting).

  3. Hi!
    just wanted to be sure you knew about the upcoming Live at Ipanema event on Dec 6th. The Diamond Center will be playing their brand of folk/dreamy pop.

  4. Don't worry, Allen. I knew and I'll definitely be there!