Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dinner at Mas and Stargazing, Too

I don't know about you, but I think weather like this is practically an invitation for a road trip.

I asked Beer Geek Friend to join me tonight, but he already had beer dinner plans (no surprise, really, some weeks he has two, once three in one week!).

He did, however, counter with a suggestion that we do an afternoon trip today to a couple of wineries.

But, alas, I had a late afternoon appointment.

Not wanting to give up the road trip dream, I asked P.B. Friend to join me and he was game for a drive to Charlottesville for dinner at Mas.

There are so many pleasures to Mas really: the low-light ambiance, the long, wide bar and comfortable stools, the superior tapas and, tonight, Al Green on the sound system.

I knew I loved the place, but it was P.B.F.'s first time there and he said he thought it was terrific.

We took our time eating through courses, cheese and bread here, Chorizo there, bacon-wrapped dates, olives of all kinds, spreads, meats and more bread.

So many distinctive flavors called for a big, earthy wine, which led to choosing the Bodegas Alvarez y Diez Valmoro Crianza.

I really liked this wine.

For dessert, we each got the flourless chocolate torte made with Venezuelan chocolate, with a lovely, creamy mouth feel and a dark, dark chocolate flavor.

We were so full and quite content by this time, so we sat and chatted for a good, long time while I drank wine and he sipped cappuccino, just savoring the meal.

P.B.F. is such a sweet guy and he understands exactly where my head and heart are, so he's a great one to discuss life with.

The other benefit of the trip, besides the excellent meal, was being far enough out to see plenty of stars for the Leonidid meteor showers tonight.

Filmy cloud layer aside, the view was much better out that way than here.

Besides, star gazing aids digestion, I've heard.

And, if not, it certainly put a fine finish on a delicious meal.


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