Monday, November 30, 2009

Competitive Obedience: Really?

I never know what I'll get when I go to Project Resolution, the free monthly event featuring local filmmakers' films and discussion after each.

It's just about guaranteed to be interesting in one way or another and sometimes I am blown away by what I see.

Last night's event started with a film of stills from the Zombie Walk, set to music by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Another, "Blackbeard Attacks Hampton, VA," was shot on a pirate reenactment day and appealed to the (male) filmmaker because of all the guns being fired.

Sometimes the film is a rough cut, as with the "Cupcake" film we saw and the audience made suggestions about how to better end it.

"Red Light Syndrome" was about all the roadblocks that inevitably happen once a person realizes how badly they need to go to the bathroom.

"Santo Diablo" was about "borrowing" a roommate's can of chili and the dire consequences of doing so.

Obviously, inspiration comes from many sources.

One of the most charming was a film about a dog following his ball around town. The film was very much a postcard to RVA, showing various scenic locations as the dog sought someone to play with him.

Afterwards, we learned from the filmmaker that she spent a great deal of time training the dog, who will eventually participate in, get this, "competitive obedience" trials.

I think the term "competitive obedience" could be used in a whole lot of creative ways to describe human behavior, especially in a mocking way.

You know, like, "She dumped her boyfriend because he wasn't competitively obedient enough to suit her."

Think about it.

Project Resolution: not just a movie-going experience; sometimes you can expand your cultural vocabulary at the same time and you're always going to be at least entertained.

There's a bar, free popcorn, a raffle of DVDs and a chance to tell local filmmakers what you really think of their work.

That's a lot of entertainment for a Sunday night, if you ask me.

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