Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Came for Comedy at The Camel

Staying in town for a holiday instead of fleeing as most do always affords a different kind of rva experience.

It's not just the abundance of parking spaces in the city, it's seeing a couple playing Frisbee right smack in the middle of Clay Street in the middle of the afternoon.

It's driving through the Fan and seeing most restaurants close to empty (Acacia being the exception; it was hopping), despite nearly everyone being off tomorrow.

It's knowing that no matter where you go, you're going to run into other people in the same boat, looking for a little activity on one of the slowest nights of the year.

Fortunately for me, a friend had organized a comedy showcase at The Camel; he was also performing.

The six comics had different styles and shticks, so it was fun to give each one my full attention and see if they could make me laugh.

Some of the material was groan-worthy and some was quite funny.

One guy was only 18 and very new to this, but acquitted himself well for one so young.

Another guy's entire monologue was based on self-denigration, but he seemed to be okay with that.

One guy read us clever haikus he had written.

There was much talk of sex and weed because, after all, they were all guys.

I laughed a lot at the music jokes, but maybe I just don't get enough music humor in my life.

Talking to my friend afterwards, he admitted he'd been pretty nervous during his set.

After all, it requires him to stand in front of a crowd and put himself right out there.

Of course, blogging can also involve putting yourself out there, but at least you don't have to see your audience's faces while you do it.

I haven't decided if that makes him more courageous or just points to the fact that I'm not nearly as amusing.

No matter.

I prefer being the amused to the amuser any day of the week.

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