Monday, December 21, 2009

Bruised Where the Sun Don't Shine

The snow didn't stop me from my daily walk the past two days, although I did modify my route and stay in J-Ward.

The main streets were fairly clear and there was very little vehicular traffic, so that's where I walked for the most part.

Today I decided to venture over to my usual VCU/Fan route to see what was happening over there.

The good news was VCU had cleared all their sidewalks, making for easy walking.

The bad news was that most of the other sidewalks were a crusty, icy mess (we won't even talk about the state of Hell Block's sidewalks).

The trade-off was the abundance of snow men I saw once I got beyond VCU. Just Saturday, I was lamenting the absence of snow sculpture and here was Grace Street just full of them.

Snowmen of every design were perched in yard after yard; one wore a bandanna, another a baseball cap, one had a crown of leaves and one seemed to be wearing a jock strap. Another was headless.

One snow figure had a tail and ears, so I don't think it was a snowman at all.

After all that treacherous walking, I was glad to be nearly home when I paused at the intersection at the end of my block for an approaching car.

The guy gave me a big smile and I turned toward my house, at which point my legs went over my head and I landed on the side of my right thigh.

As I sit here typing this, I can feel an enormous bruise forming right where my hip meets my thigh.

Oh, it's going to be a beaut.

I suppose there's the consolation that absolutely no one besides me will see it.

Wait, what am I saying? That's absolutely no consolation at all.

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