Thursday, December 31, 2009

Breakfast of Champions ca. 1950

For my final breakfast of 2009, I stepped back in time and ate at the Westwood Fountain on Patterson Avenue just past Libbie.

This old school pharmacy counter could have been ripped from the pages of the 1950s, including some of the customers. There were plenty of vintage tables, but we ate at the counter to get the full view of the grill cooks doing their nonstop dance.

Like the clientele, the prices are retro, so my friend went all out with a Belgian waffle, two eggs, one fried, one scrambled, bacon, grits and hashed browns.

I was only a tad more circumspect with a bacon, egg and cheese omelet with baked apples and wheat toast.

After we ordered, we noticed the cooks making things like burgers and steak and cheese subs and realized we could have ordered lunch, even though it was 9:30 in the morning. Clearly, some people were beginning their day that way.

I can't rave that the food was out of this world, just that it was plentiful and satisfying. The newspapers, RTD and USA Today that is, were spread all over the counter for community reading and

Pinky, our waitress (was there ever a Pinky who wasn't a waitress?), was delightful. She's planning to get silly drunk tonight so we wished her the best with that.

We were in and out in about 45 minutes. You know why? Because that's how things have worked at lunch counters for years: cheap and fast and filling.

At least circa 1950.


  1. Is it not the Westbury Pharmacy? Or do they have a lunch counter too? After college, I ate there and thought it was quite charming and have been meaning to go back. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. No, this is another place, where the old A & N used to be across from Community High. It's even more old-school than Westbury, if that's possible. Check it out!