Saturday, December 19, 2009

And Not A Snow Penis in Sight

Rather than my usual four miles to the Boulevard and back, I decided to walk J-Ward end to end instead this morning and see what was happening. I quickly discovered that the sidewalks were way too much trouble and that the tire ruts in the street make for the easiest walking progress.

Right off, I ran into a neighbor, the owner of three dogs he regularly walks, but out with only one, the basset hound, today. When I asked after the other two, he said they had no interest in going out in this mess. That was interesting to me because my beagle loves the snow and clearly some dogs do not. I wonder what teh difference is?

Walking east on Marshall, a guy smoking on his front porch said good morning, followed by, "You sure are faithful about walking." The funny thing is, I don't do my walk on Marshall Street and I didn't recognize the guy and yet he knows I'm a regular walker. Jackson Ward, where everyone knows everyone's business. It's kind of quaint.

I paused to chat with a neighbor shoveling his walkway and commented on the lack of people out and about, especially compared to the big March snowfall we had earlier this year. He seemed to think that there's novelty in a spring snow, but a December snow is just a reason to dig in and hibernate. Now there's a distinction of which I was not aware.

Back in March, there were loads of people out on the streets reveling in the snow. I remember seeing snow men and, perhaps even more eye-catching, several snow penises in the Ward. I didn't see a single snow sculpture out there today. Come on, people, let's pick up our game.


  1. Maybe some VCU kids are no longer in town.

  2. Ah, yes, you might be right. After all, VCU does have the top sculpture program in the country...