Monday, December 12, 2011

Waiting on a Moment

My lunch buddy was waiting for me when I walked outside for our 12:30 date (I prefer a later lunch).

Getting in his car, he tells me that he's been there since noon.

"Why didn't you call me?" I ask logically.

"Are you kidding?" he asks incredulously. "Call you?"

Reaching over me, he goes to unlock my door.

"Get out!" he playfully instructs, making it clear that he's known me long enough to know better than to call.

To make it up to him, I agree to pizza with red sauce (I prefer white) with pepperoni and sausage (with an  onion concession to me) at Tarrant's.

Dropping me off, I suggest we meet up for another lunch soon.

Nodding and waving goodbye, he says, "See you on the Internets."

I prefer it to calling.

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