Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jeff and Geoff Sling

I've eaten more deviled eggs since Pasture opened than I have in the past ten years.

For that matter, I thought I hated sweet tea until it met Pasture's trout. The beef brisket was out of this world. I had to explain pot liquor to my friend.

And once again, I had the fried chicken.

I hate to be that predictable, but if you fry a yard bird, I will eat it.

My dates for the evening were a happy couple whom I'll be seeing again at the end of the week. We caught up over a bottle or two of Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc special cuvee and shared food.

At the moment, I am in love with their candy bar dessert.

They told me of a recent Christmas party where a guest tossed his cookies on the floor and I shared a similar story except it involved a club and a purse. And then there was the one who did it in her hair (I saw it, so I know it happened).

After a while, the bartender asked us how we'd managed to clear out the entire bar.

In my experience, talk of vomit does it every time.

What does it mean when both members of a couple you don't know compliment your legs?

My friends were on a tight schedule because they were going to pick up his nephew (Ken, the L.A. screenwriter) at the airport.

When we got up to go, the couple sitting at the table behind us both commented on my legs and tights. My friend bragged that he had even given me tights in the past (pre-girlfriend).

Excuse me, I'm right here.

Getting into my car outside, I heard my named called only to be greeted by James, my fellow nerd, for some sidewalk catch-up.

We covered that he wants to play in front of a Jason Mraz-sized crowd, we both take magazines as dates to restaurants and it's a slow time of year for the lectures we love.

Dropping the car at home, I headed to my neighborhood bar to meet up with an old friend and see a few neighbors

Gotta give the Belvidere credit for having house-made cider (my friend finished off the latest batch) and homemade eggnog.

Festive, indeed.

Several hours later, I have to conclude that nineteen years on, the more things change, the more they stay the same when it comes to certain people.

Funniest line of the night: "We've earned each other, Karen."

In its simplest  form, it's all about the laughter. And...?

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