Friday, December 9, 2011

Freudian Tights

While wearing my Berlin  tights, I was gifted with Vienna tights.

No doubt there's some sort of World War I or II metaphor to be made, but it escapes me at the moment.

Both pairs of tights came from the same European- visiting friend who is good enough to always return with a pair of tights from his most recent destination.

So, over talk of superb schnitzel and strudel, he presented me with a lovely pair of tights  called "Snake," a pattern sure to be eye-catching in these parts.

We met at Secco and tore through their menu while he told me all about his recent Vienna trip.

After, that is, I chose the Roagna Dolcetto d'Alba and got my fix of cherry fruit and a lovely round mouth feel.

Rabbit terrine with pickled vegetables (his immediate must-have), Olli hot lomo (chosen solely for its, ahem, appealing name) , a lean and spicy salt-cured pork loin,  la Peral ( a cow and sheep's milk rich, creamy bleu), and Prosciutto do Parma kept us going while I heard about the musical instrument museum, the armor museum and how easy it is to get lost in Vienna.

I also heard about the most amazing beet dessert at a Michelin-rated restaurant , the disappointment of Klimt's "The Kiss" and what I missed by not going to Vienna.

Like I needed to be told.

The music was an awesome blend of Washed Out, gypsy jazz and everything that fell in between. Much as I hate to say it, kudos to Pandora.

After we finished our three-hour travelogue, I made my way to Bistro 27 to meet a couple of visiting Frenchmen and the Brazilian chef, enjoy a Cote du Rhone and wallow in the mixed berries with marscarpone in a chocolate cup.

J-Ward neighbors came in only hours after I'd RSVP'd to their holiday party next week. When the mayor and a date came in, it began to seem like a neighborhood council meeting.

I suggested discussing the proposed restricted parking ordinance in Jackson Ward, but my friends voted me down.

Leave the mayor to his date and their fried calamari, they insisted and I obliged.

The soundtrack was vintage Christmas (Bing, Johnny Mathis and the Grinch) and the Frenchmen were charming in their eagerness to find out about what had brought me to Bistro 27.

Berlin tights-clad legs, that's what. Next up, the tights of Freud's Vienna.

Sex drive is the primary motivational force of human life, according to the good doctor.

I'm not sure if that means that Dr. Freud would have approved or disapproved of the Vienna tights.

Either way, I'm wearing them.


  1. Does it matter if the good doctor approved or not? We get to see them…I hope.

    Just remember the good doctor used cocaine to figure out motivational force, we have your legs!