Thursday, December 22, 2011

Plenty Festive

Fight the Big Bull got gory for the holidays.

Tonight was their Christmas singalong show at Balliceaux. Having seen them do "Thriller" one Halloween, I wanted to see their take on this holiday.

By the end of the first set, the jam-packed room was overheated and people were complaining about how hot they were.

A cardboard bull came out to start their second set. He was gored with a toy sword and candy canes flew out from behind the bull.

The crowd then moved the bull's form over their heads like a crowd surfer.

With an ad hoc choir in front of the band, they played Christmas carols and songs while the talented musicians of this supergroup.took turns soloing with Matt White conducting.

My partner-in-crime followed me up to take seats on the back of a booth for a better view of the show and the crowd.

All those horns, bass and drums made for some lively music for the season.

When the server came by, my charming and witty companion reported to him that I hadn't been singing along with the crowd.

"That's not very festive," he reproached me.

First I'd heard that there were singing requirements.

Walking out into the night of the Winter Solstice and the balmy 65-degree air was a breath of fresh air.

Might be just what I needed.

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