Monday, February 8, 2010

Balliceaux Sunday Supper> Film> Music

It's an excellent Sunday night when I can enjoy dinner out, a local film screening, live music AND discover a new band.

As a bonus I got a CD recommendation by a band I'd heard but not been bowled over by (seems I hadn't heard their best work).

And all in a space of only six hours. What football game?

Balliceaux was my starting point because I was supposed to meet a friend there for the James River Filmmakers' Forum.

I went early to eat, but since it was just me, the Sunday Supper offerings were a tad large for my appetite.

I've done their supper before and it was excellent, , but tonight I kept it simple with wine, a cheese plate (goat's milk, a Wisconsin blue, two Virginians, one extremely stinky, and a long-aged Gouda, almost caramel-like) and a mocha torte with almond ice cream.

It may not have been everyone's idea of Sunday supper but it more than fit the bill for me.

The bartender is a friend and since his computer was providing the music, I had the pleasure of extended music talk and discovering a new band on his recommendation; he only needed to play two songs and I was hooked.

Almost too soon, film geeks started arriving and it was time for the movies.

If you enjoy seeing what's going on in local film making, the James River Filmmakers Forum is an ideal way to see what's being made and participate in a forum with the filmmakers afterwards.

Tonight we enjoyed a short, a music video for La Mere Vipere, a non-linear experimental film. a director's montage and a horror sequel.

It's well worth the opportunity to question the directors and share comments about the viewers's interpretations of the films.

My final stop tonight was at RVA's best vegetarian joint for the monthly Live at Ipanema show, this month featuring Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat, a band I saw and raved about not long ago, here.

Any bona fide music lover is going to be sucked in for one reason or another: those drums, that violin, that double bass, that beautiful voice, take your pick.

Unfortunately, the crowd was noisy and the band's sound can be delicate, except for the drumming which will grab you from the get-go, so big brother Josh Hryciak (of Mermaid Skeletons) at what point shushed the crowd, a gesture appreciated by many of us.

Since the shows are recorded to be posted online at rvanews, conversation in no way enhances the playback.

The band's members are young, so young that they each had a big X drawn on their hands to indicate underage.

Zac's joke before their last song was, "This will be it, then it's Malbec time."

Actually, after the last song it was probably bedtime since it's a school night, but that only makes their talent all the more impressive given their tender ages.

Yes, I know I could have been at a Superbowl party eating chili and other sports-appropriate foodstuffs and cheering on large men.

But I don't believe for a second that it would have been anywhere near as pleasurable as my evening.

And when's the last time the Superbowl turned me on to new music?


  1. Damn, Jungle Beat. That's what I missed last night...

  2. It's a shame. You know how good they are!

  3. Hi Karen ,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the blog post about the James River Filmmakers Forum. It's a fairly young program for the James River Film Society , Formerly Richmond Moving Image Co-op . Our Spring edition will be Sunday May 2nd at Balliceaux at 6PM. Next week we begin our annual week long festival the James River Film Festival now in it's 17th year.
    Thanks again ... Jeff Roll curator James River Filmmakers Forum.

  4. Jeff,
    No thanks needed. I blog about your events because I enjoy them so much! And of course I'll be checking out the JRFF. I always do.