Friday, February 5, 2010

Black Sheep and A View From the Top of rva

When I got up this morning and saw that it was already snowing, I had a brief moment where I worried that it would affect my lunch plans.

I should have known better.

Right on schedule, my friend showed up to pick me up for lunch (with the gift of flowers, always a lovely surprise) in the heart of Carver.

I should have walked the four blocks, but I'd done my four miles this morning, and he had to pass right by my house, so why not?

Of course the Black Sheep was nearly at capacity, but there was one two-top with our name on it.

The soup d.j. was beef stew and if this isn't a beef stew day, what is?

I got a side of the homemade pork and great northern beans baked with molasses and brown sugar.

Warm, filling and flavorful, this was a snow day lunch for the gods.

My friend, having just spoken to his mom before collecting me, ordered the CSS Virginia (fried chicken livers, remoulade, cabbage, green onions, granny smith apple on baguette) in her honor.

He only ordered the half and still had half to take with him, but then he did enjoy some of my pork and beans.

Afterwards, he suggested a drive to the top of the city to admire the view. We began at the old WRVA tower and then went to Richmond Hill, the urban retreat center and former convent that sits atop Church Hill.

We admired the view from the balcony, went down to the tiny little prayer chapel (with the two tiniest windows I've ever seen) overlooking the hill and then strolled around the perimeter of the walled garden under snow laden evergreens and bamboo (and, yes, I was using my umbrella in a snowstorm).

Despite the limited visibility, the garden and views were breathtaking.

Afterwards, we detoured through Chimborazo, admiring the snow-covered rooves of Fulton Bottom, before making our way back to J-Ward.

With a fully belly, a bouquet of unexpected flowers and the memory of the city rooftops covered in white fresh in my mind, I thanked my snow buddy for our excellent adventure.

And in case my new friend George from Toronto is reading this, I want him to know that I saw dozens of people walking around in the snow today with umbrellas.

Make fun of us if you will, but you also have to give us a break; we're clueless when it comes to snow behavior.

Of course, if this weather keeps up, we're bound to get better at it.


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