Monday, February 8, 2010

The Soundtrack to My Life

Thank god it's Monday so I could have a break from the non-stop activity of the snowy weekend.

I know a lot of people are back at work and, for that, you have my condolences, but I just wanted a day to hang out without any set times to do anything.

I even turned down a lunch invitation so that I could accomplish the small and insignificant business of life, which in my case meant going to the groceria, baking cookies and cleaning house.

It may sound domestic, but it's really just me playing catch-up after being out and about non-stop lately.

And, of course, listening to some new and new-to-me music all the while. Andrew sent me the new Josh Ritter, from Austin came Atlas Sound and Allen recommended Hem's Eveningland after I was underwhelmed by Rabbit Songs.

So far, Atlas Sound is my favorite of the three, but I'm just happy to have some new stuff to consider.

I've been completely engrossed of late by my most recent mix tape gift, Still Naive, for both its virtuosity in capturing a mood as well as the specifically-chosen lyrics.

It's too tempting to listen to it on endless repeat.

But then, one of the great things about an entire day spent around the house is the opportunity to blast my music without disturbing anyone.

The best thing is having the whole day to just listen before I go out.

Luckily, tonight's plans include someone who is, like me, far too into music.

No telling how amazing a Monday this could ultimately turn out to be with another music-lover for company.

One thing's for sure; the soundtrack to it will be stellar.

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