Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Treble in Trouble

Punk rock? Indie rock?

However you label the music of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, no one can deny that it's smart music, topical and toe-tapping.

Last night's show at the Canal Club didn't have the amazing vibe that last years' show at Gallery 5 did, but it was definitely a good show nonetheless.

Leo told us right up front that it would be a show of mostly B sides and new stuff and then launched into an A-side, igniting the crowd's enthusiasm and not really letting go of it.

Local openers Prabir and the Substitutes did their usual melodic and poppy brand of rock and roll that they do so well.

The Washington Post's event listing has singled out these guys as a "Don't miss" performance several times now when they have played in Northern Virginia (inevitably mentioning their hipster haircuts), so word is out that they put on a great show.

And those of us who made a point to arrive early enough weren't disappointed last night (except in that Prabir has trimmed his magnificent mutton chops way back) either.

Now on to tonight's musical choices: TV on the Radio at The National, Band of Horses at The Norva or David Byrne at Charlottesville Pavilion?

Somehow I'll just have to choose...

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